A lifelong skill that will bring you pride in the marks you leave in this world

Louis Vuitton Mother’s day card written in Fancy script

Retail Activations

Artists on site to pamper your clients at your retail store or event. We can write beautifully on cards, engrave fragrances & fine liquor glass bottles, do fashion sketches of your clients, personalize items, and so much more.

Calligraphy student practicing

Private Calligraphy Classes

From simply improving your handwriting to learning all the artistic skills to do actual calligraphy, our private lessons will take you by the hand to actually LEARN. Classes available for all ages and skill levels.

Hand written signs for a wedding

Boards & Signs

Whether it's a small blackboard for your bar, or a set of signs for your retail store, we know how to make nice and fun letters. Drawings and vignettes are also our specialty!

Calligraphy commission written on handmade paper


Custom commissioned artistic works, historical documents, mission statements, marriage certificates, acknowledgements, coats of arms, family trees, handmade books with text & illustrations, and VIP gifts. Count on our creativity and experience.

Invitation envelope written in gold ink using calligraphy copperplate script

Envelope Addressing

We have dozens of lettering styles to choose from. We can also mimic any script you like! Don't trust your corporate or social invitation envelopes to amateur's hands!!

Hand drawn and vectorized logo created for a local Miami business

Logo Design & Monograms

Nothing is more original than your company logo or your monogram created entirely by hand and then vectorized for digital use.

Invitation written in stylized italic script with wax seal

Social and Corporate Invitations

We don't make you choose a design from a catalog that hundreds of customers have used. Every invitation whether social or corporate is a unique and custom designed creation!!

Wooden chest customized with copperplate script

Item Personalization

We can do calligraphy on paper, wood, metal, cloth, glass, plastic, walls, stones, ceramics-almost any material you can imagine. Inks, paints, engraving, pyrography, embroidery…what do you need? We can do it!!

Bookmarks written in Uncial script


The most affordable and appreciated product we offer. It’s been a little gift we frequently give to clients and friends. For decades, people keep telling us: I still have your bookmark!! Love it!!

Corporate place cards for a Saks Fifth Avenue event

Place cards

The name of your guests can be written on fine imported papers, but they can also be engraved on wine glasses or inscribed on natural leaves or flat agates... impress them with fancy handmade items!!

Hand written mirror showing wedding guest seating chart

Hand Written Mirrors

Attractive and in high demand. We’ve done seating charts and signs on mirrors for weddings, bars and restaurants.

First communion invitation designed and created using handmade paper

Special Occasions

Baby announcements, Baptism, Bar Mitzvah, First Communion, Graduation, Birthdays, Quince Años, etc. All ages deserve the creativity and quality of a unique design that they will cherish for a lifetime.

Tailored and custom designed gift for a VIP

VIP Artist Gifts

For the people that have it all…if you need a VIP present, call us, we will explain more. These items are so unique and personal that we prefer to keep them private for our clients.

Bible with personalized text on the first page

Gift Personalization

Some presents can be embellished with an artistic detail that expresses how special the recipient is for you.

Santa letter written using stylized italic script with wax seal on envelope

Hand Written Letters

These are the projects we appreciate the most…writing custom message to be delivered to loved ones…not just for lovers, but friends, family, etc.

Small family tree written in old English script

Family Trees

We can create a family heirloom for you that can be passed down through the generations. The size and design can be as simple or complex as you like. Contact us so we can discuss your specific family tree!

Hand drawn coat of arms using italic script

Coat of Arms

Pride of your roots, honor and respect for your ancestors…not a digital print but a hand-made work of art. We can also help with some of the research. It's so worth it! The best gift for your children/grandchildren.

Book with hand designed text created by our Sr Calligrapher


We have created customized scripts for several projects. Let us know if you want a special lettering design or handmade text for a cover. We can also help with the illustrations for that special book!

Calligraphy demo given by Monica Marquez for an event at the Cultural Institute of Mexico in Miami

Live Calligraphy Demos for Schools or Institutions

There is nothing more impressive than watching an artist doing calligraphy live! These demos (e.g. “Introduction to calligraphy”) are quite successful for art students of all ages or as an entertainment source for events.

Certificate written in old English script

Diplomas and Certificates

The people who earn a diploma appreciate the gesture of having a high-quality document to hang on their wall. It also speaks highly about the school, corporation or institution that designed and customized the piece.